Do You Qualify to File an Actos Lawsuit?

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co profited a lot when their blockbuster drug, Actos (pioglitazone) entered the American market. Prior to Actos going generic in August of 2012, it is understood this pharmaceutical firm made more than $16 billion on this sensational drug. However, according to Actos bladder cancer lawsuits filed by Actos attorneys, Takeda’s internal Actos studies discovered the drug’s links to bladder cancer in 2004, but only informed U.S regulators of this finding 7 years later. In a world, where pharmaceutical firms as big as Takeda put their own profits before the safety of Americans, it is prudent for victims of such gross negligence to take a firm legal stance and file for an Actos lawsuit if necessary.

If you have fallen victim of Takeda’s greed, happen to have taken diabetes medication Actos and was diagnosed with bladder cancer then just like a millions of other American who find themselves in a similar circumstance, you are entitled to compensation by filing an Actos Lawsuit.

Currently, close to 6,000 Actor Bladder Cancer Cases are pending in courts. These cases are divided between Chicago Actos Bladder Cancer Cases and the Actos lawsuits merged in federal court under an MDL (multi-district litigation). Injury Lawsuit Help Lawyers are ready to represent clients in the Actos Lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceutical.

If you or a loved one developed bladder cancer and consider Actos as the cause, our Actos Lawyers will be glad to evaluate your entitlement with a swift, free assessment to see if you qualify for the Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit..

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    Actos Bladder Cancer Risk

    On June 15, 2011 The FDA gave out an Actos FDA Bladder Cancer Warning with respect to the diabetes drug Actos’ links to bladder cancer after being made aware of the findings of Takeda’s own internal analysis of its epic drug. They also realized that the pharmaceutical firm knew of this risk way back in 2004 and failed to come clean then.

    The findings of Takeda’s internal analysis confirmed the increased risk of bladder cancer on individuals who used Actos for long period of time and Actos users in general were safe. There was also a higher risk of bladder cancer among Actos users who had been exposed to the highest cumulative prescription of the medication.

    Even before FDA issued its warning, a couple of European Markets such as Germany and France, had already proscribed the use of Actos, pointing fears over an increased risk of individuals diagnosed with bladder cancer.

    Strangely, Takeda’s Type2 Diabetes drug, Actos, became popular after the use of Avandia, Glaxo Smith Kline’s controversial drug was suspended due to its links to heart failure and heart attack. Takeda made more than $16 billion on the sale of its blockbuster drug.

    Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit Steps Up

    To date, two Actos bladder cancer cases have gone to trial. We believe our lawyers have what it takes to ensure that you are truly compensated by Takeda for risking your life. Our argument is quite clear here as Takeda put profits before your health by not notifying you of the risk of bladder cancer associated with Actos.