Zofran, also known by as it drug chemical compound name of ondansetron hydrochloride, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat or prevent nausea and vomitingcaused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment for cancer and for post-operative nausea as well as morning sickness experienced in pregnancy, has been linked to hundreds of reports of birth defects.


Zofran lawsuit

Studies have also found a 33% increased risk of birth defects overall, a doubled risk of congenital heart defects, and even higher rates of cleft palate.
STATUS OF ZOFRAN LAWSUITS: As a result of GlaxoSmithKline’s failure to adequately research their medication or warn about the risk of congenital malformations..

Lawsuits are being pursued by families of children throughout the United States who have developed:

Cleft Lip – An opening or gap of the mouth that can form on the lip and at times go all the way up to the nose.
Cleft Palate – A condition where the two plates of the skull that form the roof of the mouth are not completely joined.
Heart Defects – A defect present at birth in the structure of the heart and vessels.
A study conducted in 2010-2011 suggested the drug doubled the chance of babies being born with a cleft palate.

Because new information is being uncovered about the dangers concerning this medication, it is important to call Lawyers Referral Services if you were using this drug while pregnant..

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